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SAIL new song and new music video:

"That's All Right" Sept 25, 2017

When SAIL begun in 2011, he did not have money for a music video, so he rented 23 low resolution clips, and edited this experimental video, without appearing on it! It was a success, but that decision gave him 100.000 fans on Facebook who haven't seen his face. 

And now, 6 years later, SAIL will reveal himself to the public with a new song and a  new music video.

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This changed everything!

SAIL is a singer/songwriter, drummer,

co-arranger and producer.

SAIL began as the drummer in a band that played cover songs in private parties and public bars, and secretly making his own music, but one day while going to college he had a major car accident that changed his perspectives and right next to his destroyed car he decided that it was time to record his own material.

He decided to publish a work-in-progress song on social networks without any photography about him. 

That decision gave him 100,000 Facebook fans who do not know him yet.

And now, six years later, SAIL has reveal himself with the song titled "That's All Right", to make it's first appearance as an artist and to set the ground for the release of his first album in 2018. 


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